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Tyler’s No-dairy Chocolate Canna Fudge

I first heard about this recipe shortly after I gave up dairy, and, missing fudge, I decided to give it a go. 

I got it right the first time by some fluke but then proceeded to run into heat issues in the subsequent 4 or 5 attempts. But I persevered until I perfected the recipe, and these are the steps I’m sharing today with Seedsman food.

Cooking/Preparation time: 15-20 minutes

Equipment you will need:

Mixing Bowl

Medium or large saucepan

Wooden spoon (or equivalent)

Kitchen Scales

Measuring Jug


Loaf dish or equivalent (eg. Tupperware)

Baking Paper (optional)


155g Dairy-free Chocolate

250g Caster Sugar

120ml Milk alternative (Soy or Oat) – you could probably use almond, rice etc., but I have not tried these.

1 tsp Vanilla Essence

56g Infused oil, (Vegetable Fat or Coconut Oil) – Canna-butter would work but would make it dairy


Heat your infused oil to soften it, so it isn’t cold when you add it into your mix. You can leave it warming up slowly using the double boil method.

Break up your chocolate into individual squares and place it in your mixing bowl. 

Add one teaspoon of vanilla essence to the mixing bowl and place it to one side.

Put your sugar and milk alternative into the saucepan and bring to the boil on a medium heat. Stir throughout from the moment you add warmth to ensure an even heat-up with no scalding.

Note: Here, you are making sweetened condensed milk but without dairy. You have pre-prepared everything else as you will be stirring until this is ready to mix into the mixing bowl.

As soon as you see bubbles rising to the top, start a timer for 7 minutes. Keep stirring, and you will notice the liquid bubbling and thickening over the time it is heating up. 

Note: There is logically an ideal temperature you could figure out with a candy thermometer, but this is not needed for this fudge recipe.

A few minutes before your timer goes off, remove your infused oil from the heat and add it to your mixing bowl (some juggling is required here as you need to keep stirring the saucepan).

As soon as your timer goes off, remove the saucepan from the heat and pour it into your mixing bowl. 

If you’ve done things correctly, the mixture will initially thin down a little as the oil and liquid melt the chocolate before thickening into a creamy, almost lava-like consistency.

After a good stir, ensuring the oil is thoroughly mixed in, pour the mixture into your loaf tin lined with baking paper or Tupperware.

Allow to cool in the fridge, then cut into pieces and enjoy!

Final notes: Your choice of infused oil and milk alternative will affect the flavour and the consistency of the final product. My favourite fudge consistency is made using oat milk and refined vegetable fat. The best flavour, in my opinion, however, comes from using soy milk and refined vegetable fat. 

I had pre-infused the vegetable fat in this recipe with cannabinoids, and this was also present in the final flavour. The fudge is rich, tasty, and can be very strong (depending on your oil’s strength).

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