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White Yoda Auto from Philosopher Seeds

The Philosopher Seeds team chose White Russian to create this autoflowering hybrid after taking in consideration its parents, two of the greatest strains from the Dutch cannabis scene; we are talking about the so-called AK-47 and White Widow.
Thus, to create White Yoda Auto, a White Russian selection was used and hybridized with Lowrider until the 7th generation, achieving these powerful genetics. The result was the flavour, yield and the strong medicinal effect typical of this cannabis legend.

For this breeding project, our goal was to maintain some of the most distinguishing features of the original White Russian, such as its particularly robust and compact growth. White Yoda Auto develops the typically large central bud of this classic strain along with its fast flowering, easy to grow tendancies. It is ready to harvest after 60-75 days from seed germination.

Outdoors, this strain can produce multiple harvests in the same year, but when grown during the months with the highest sun exposure and the correct pot size, it can exceed 120 cm in height, producing about 100/125 grams of high quality buds, coated with tasteful and sticky resin glands. It is also the ideal plant for growing out of season in locations near the Equator, where the photoperiod is always around 12 hours of light per day.

White Yoda Auto is suitable for all growers; beginners will also succeed. Under artificial lights, it shows its full potential with 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness per day. It adapts well to small spaces with the usual 12/12 flowering photoperiod, although its growth won’t be so explosive. Whether indoors or outdoors, Philosopher Seeds recommends a single transplant into the final pot after seed germination, as well as using organic substrate. You can also add bat guano to the soil to enhance the taste and smell of the plant.

All autoflowering varieties from our Auto line – like White Yoda Auto – stand out for containing more than 20% THC, while the percentage of the looked-for CBD cannabinoid is near 3%.

White Yoda Auto has the suitable therapeutic properties to treat different pathologies; its cannabinoid profile makes it ideal for relieving pains, nausea and anxiety, as well as to stimulate appetite and treat sleep disorders.

The smell and taste range between sweet and earthy tones with a prominent musky aftertaste that perfectly blends all flavours. It produces a thick smoke, while its exquisite flavour remains in the mouth for a long time. The effect is very relaxing, combined with a sense of mental well-being that you’ll enjoy for hours.

Sweet smoke and happy growing from Philosopher Seeds.

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