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Win €750 Worth of Autoflowering Seeds in our July Mega-Competition!

In one of our largest giveaways ever, we are offering one of our customers the chance to win 100 autoflowering seeds to enjoy this summer. This prize is worth over $750!

To ENTER complete the following TWO tasks:


The lucky winner will receive ALL of this:

  • 10x White Widow Auto from Seedsman
  • 10x Kush Auto from Seedsman
  • 10x Lemon Auto from Seedsman
  • 10x Moscow Blueberry Auto from Kalashnikov Seeds
  • 10x Critical+ Auto from Dinafem Seeds
  • 10x Baby Boom Auto from Kannabia Seeds
  • 10x WWxBB Auto from Female Seeds
  • 5x Girl Scout Cookie Auto from FastBuds
  • 5x Gorilla Glue Auto from FastBuds
  • 5x Chronic Ryder Auto from Joint Doctor
  • 5x Maxi Haze Auto from Grass-O-Matic Seeds
  • 5x Pineapple Express Auto from Barney’s Farm
  • 5x Blue Cheese Auto from Barney’s Farm

The winner will be announced on Tuesday July 18. Good Luck!

* If you do not have a social media account, you can simply comment on the blog to enter.


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  • Caleb Bastuscheck

    another awesome pormotion

  • danvail

    Thanks guys – shared

  • Casinovl Jenkins

    Thanks for this chance once again

  • Damian Gomez

    Another giveaway!? ~You guys are awesome!

  • Arno Lbzh

    merci pour la chances !! et bonne chances a tous (y)

  • cluckhut

    Love free seeds ! Thanks !

  • Martin Wilson

    An excellent selection, hope I win!

  • Jeff Whitehurst

    Thanks for another awesome giveaway Seedsman , Good luck to all

  • Noe Noelico Miñano Turpin

    Great prize sharing is caring.
    Thank for chance. #TeanSeedman greeting from Spain
    Good luck all #Seedman #Greatpage

    • Will Cunningham

      aww isn’t it cute with the pine straw.

  • Brian Littleton Sr.

    you guys rock

  • Nicole Craft

    Love your company <3

  • Steven Ebanks


  • marcel

    Pick me! I never get to go!

  • scott

    you guys rock, enter me please !!!

  • Ronald Frazier

    Thank you #Seedsman for your Consideration for this wonderful Giveaway! I would absolutely love to be Chosen for this Giveaway. Good luck Everyone 🍀🌱🌱🌱

  • John Panzino


  • Jeff Goddard

    Thanks, Seedsman! Yet another generous contest!

  • Rosie Mckerlie

    awesome delivery methods to Australia,, pick me please

  • jean bon

    amazing prize seedsman,never win nothing here,fingers crossed!!!

  • Yousuf Rana

    Hi, dont have social media, so just commenting to enter, good luck 🙂

  • Manu Raurau

    That would be a big help if I won

  • Tim

    Another fantastic giveaway?? That looks like a heap of great strains. Why shop anywhere else. Seedsman are amazing!

  • Andreas Manns

    Again, Seedsman shares it’s success with the community, as sharing is caring. Looking foward to use the CBD’s I got from you for my back pain. Great service as usuall.

  • Biba Baba

    Awesome prizes, sign me up 😀

  • Kitty Lakeside

    Tempted to buy auto seeds in bulk from a breeder. Autos take the guess work out of growing. Too bad they can’t be cloned. Enjoyed my last purchase from Seedsman. Look forward to more.

  • Mike

    I Love your Seeds <3
    Would be nice =D

  • Joe Rob

    Thank you for the chance to win some great seeds

  • Gopesh Dasa

    I had a dream, and I was the winner…Yeah it’s good times again, thank you seedsman for the chances to hope to be a winner 🙂

  • ron blum

    What an awesome package!

  • Ben Hudson

    What a great giveaway, it would really make my year if I won this prize. Keep it up Seedsman!

  • dave

    what a great prize :)good luck everyone

  • Icarus A Saint
  • Wade Raps

    Thanks for the opportunity Seedsman! Best of luck everyone 🙂

  • Lisa Charles

    I Hope I Win The Contest So I Can Spread Some Herb Love. Shout Out From HTx #Seedsman

  • Shawn Newman

    Yes Please! 🙂

    Amazing give away!

  • Kyle Mack

    Just placed my second order! Hopefully I can score this contest! This is one of my entries as I don’t know if you can see private social media pages! Thanksssss!! ✌🏼✌🏼🌱💨

  • Sideshow

    What an awesome contest!

    Good luck to all, enjoy your summer!

    Semper Fi

  • Eric

    Great giveaway, be kool to win,
    But ill be placing an order here soon either way,

  • Ryan Baker

    what a beautiful swag packs sound not bad thing to me good job thumb up way to go awesome 😉

  • Matthew Flewelling

    Just Germinated 14 of your Autos, would love some Free ones! From Adirondacks upstate NY

  • jon

    Bought some white widows from yall and hot dog am I loving them! Keep up the good work!

  • Scott Zeller

    Just now harvesting from my last order of blueberry autos. The germination rate of yor seeds is fantastic! I appreciate your creative discreet packaging, as well.

  • P Devince

    What a prize! Thanks for hosting the competition!

  • Dylan Montileone

    Best seed supplier!

  • GrnMtnGirl

    I am so hopeful to win, I have just had my first crop. I need to grow my own medicine, too expensive to buy monthly.

  • GrnMtnGirl


  • GrnMtnGirl

    Great quality seeds

  • AmericanNationalistSwine

    Great promotion.Happy Friday!!

  • Alyson Williams

    I’m a HUGE seedsman fan!! Please pick me!

  • Tom Mc Bride

    What a great prize. I’ve been thinking about going auto, winning this would do it!

  • disqus_gTMt6dGDdl

    Seedsman definitely best there is hands down! Great strains, great prices! Thanks for being great!! XD

  • Brandon Paxton

    This is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard of.

  • peter noe

    yes please

  • Morgan

    Great package from a great company

  • Robert Terry

    I would love to win something like this chance to grow some beautiful tree’s of true nature thanks for such a chance

  • Rhonda

    Would love to win this contest

  • CHUD

    Chud : give a man some weed, he’ll smoke for a day. Give a man some seeds and he’ll smoke for life.

  • Jack Mclarty

    Here is my entry! Thanks guys. PS) pay with Bitcoin everyone and your garden will grow huge!

  • Andrew

    When I try to share it, I get logged out from your site, and it says you have to be logged in for points, so I hope I get an entry anyway.

  • vsopxo99

    Great prize!

    Growing some White Widow as we speak!

  • nick brenner

    I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about your products! What a dream prize!!

  • Matt Enmark

    Awesome collection!

  • Achie

    lets go again and again seedmans!!!cheers and peace to all!!!

  • Bill Cartrwright

    I have had nothing but success with Seedsman seeds. Up to now I’ve had 100% germination. I’d recommend Seedsman seeds readily knowing it’s the right thing to do

  • I <3 Seedsman. Entered

  • JL Porter

    Sure would make for one hell of a beautiful garden.

  • Rosita GF

    It’s outrageous draw, 100 seeds is awesome Thank you for the draw, I participate and I share it is an honor and pleasure to participate in your drawings


    What a great giveaway! Shared and fingers are crossed!


    Thanks for the chance to win!


    Shared on twitter, survey done, posting on Instagram too 😊

  • Nebulas Michael

    I hope this counts as an entry

  • dalton vickers

    This is a seriously great giveaway.

  • CHUD

    Man who stands on toilet is high on pot. Man that wins seeds is high on life.

  • Robet

    This is awesome! Thank you, Seedsman!

  • Matt Gray

    Seedman is the best store hands down

  • kifff420

    thank for free seeds !!!
    best regards …

  • kifff420

    thanks for free seeds !!!
    best regards …

  • CHUD

    3 months after I win i’m gonna open a joint account.

  • Johnp410

    Man I would love to win this. I’ve got one of Seedsman kush auto going now and it’s beautiful. Count me in.

  • Terry Ivey

    It would be a great experience to win such an array of seeds from a reputable company known for quality.

  • elcamino_mullet

    Free seeds would be great. Hard to beat that price.

  • Thomas

    Thank you seedman! free seeds are always good! i’m in.

  • Kraggis

    Seedsman always delivers. Wont say no to some freebies. Thanks guys.

  • Matt

    Would love to join in but I don’t do social media, sorry

  • Casey

    Last order was perfect, arrived early, and quality product! I hope I win! I’ll spread the word who hooked me up

  • Cameron Whittaker

    Awesome prize. Keep up the good work. Good luck all.

  • Dmitri Shebalev

    wake up and smell the cheese, open ya mail – hope for more messages like this!
    thats a sweet offer.

  • Norman LI

    alway great service from you guys. cant wait for my next package.

  • Norman LI

    love the service. Waiting on next package to arrive.

  • Andrew Mcgill

    I love ure seed for which I have tried and wot a feeling u getc seedmans rule

  • Ray Fenner

    Sure do LOVE them Auto’s

  • Carol Crowley

    Would love to win this!! There isn’t a harder or more rewarding job then growing your own medicine!!

  • Jason Brauze

    Seedsman is the best. The only place I get my seeds from.

  • Coop Exquisite

    Damn that’s a lot of seeds!

  • Nice Give away. Been looking at seeds.

  • Rylan Ketelsen

    Only trying my first autoflower so far with amazing results, would be a great chance to expand from just Cheese!

  • Gary Burch

    You guys are the best period hands down,I have never had a issue

  • Vickie Mattison

    You have the best seeds. Such a big variety. Would love to win this one.

  • Amanda Armstrong

    Wow I’m in pure awe of this list right now…look at all of those beautiful names!!! I’d be ecstatic with even just one of these lol very cool and extremely generous prize Seedsman!!! You guys are awesome!!!

  • Ad

    This an awesome competition! Good luck to all who entered it!
    I am still trying to work out bitcoins, so, I can make my first order.
    Fingers crossed. Autos would be a dream as it is getting late in the season for outdoor growing!

  • Andrey Sky

    Spread the seed !

  • Kevin

    Good deal seedsman! You guys are he best! Would be so cool to win this

  • Damian Johnson

    This would be freakin sweet!
    Hope this counts as an entry!

  • jd

    Need these in the worst way,finally live in a recreational state,I take care of my sick wife .these would be huge,great site and great beans.thx seedsman

  • Rune Nielsen

    I sadly don’t have Facebook so can’t share the post. But I have shared this post in Twitter.

  • Anthony Ung

    sign me up please

  • Sideshow

    So who is the lucky duck?

  • Cora Luciano

    who won?

  • Karmagic

    Seedsman for ever !!!
    Hi to everybody, have a good summer.

  • cant wait to win, i already ordered my Jack Herer. show some love to the USA seedsman ;]

  • Jason Decker

    Awesome giveaway..commenting to enter

  • brendan

    Fantastic giveaway SM, love the goods I purchase from you with fast delivery!
    Would be a dream to own a few of these seeds let alone all, I’d be stoked 🤗

  • iHitta420

    My favorite strain of all time is definitely acapulco gold for the cerebral buzz and flavor.

  • Chris Dann

    great prize let it be me

  • Joseph Munroe

    Ill buy more seed even if I win or don’t win.

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