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Woman with Multiple Sclerosis Calling for Medical Cannabis Legalization in Wales

Sue Cox, a 64-year-old from Cwmbran in Wales is calling on her national government to legalize medicinal cannabis, after using the plant illegally for years to help with her Multiple Sclerosis.

Speaking to her local press, Cox stated, “I’ve tried cannabis over the years. I know it’s illegal and I’m risking prosecution but it has helped me to manage the pain and spasms I have. Knowing where to get it has been a problem. I don’t want to be going to a dodgy drug dealer at the street corner – I don’t know where it has come from and I don’t know what’s in it either.”

In comparison to its neighbours in the U.K., the Welsh government has been lauded for being the first to approve a cannabis-based drug. Sativex is available on prescription for Multiple Sclerosis patients, but not everyone is able to access this due to limited production.

Cox explained, “The Welsh Government was the first country in the UK to approve the cannabis based drug Sativex which is fantastic for people who can get it but it’s not available to everyone who needs it.”

The call for Wales to legalize medicinal cannabis comes in the wake of a wave of legal reforms around the world, which has seen access to cannabis become far easier for those who need it for therapeutic purposes.

Ireland have recently pass a bill making cannabis available for medical use, while Germany have altered their laws, meaning that cannabis can be prescribed by doctors in the country, for a specific list of approved conditions. Cox believes that her country should follow suit, after facing chronic pain and spasms daily for a number of years.

“People with MS face a daily struggle to manage our symptoms and if the governments in Ireland, Germany, and Canada can legalise cannabis for medicinal use, surely the Welsh Government can do the same. It is possible.”

Cox has set up a Facebook group called Cannabis4MSinWales, which she hopes will be a springboard for discussion within the Welsh Government.

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