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World’s Biggest Popstar Speaks Out About Medical Cannabis

Justin Bieber is using his voice and massive social media platform to speak out against corporate pharmaceutical companies’ opposition to medical marijuana, and the reasons behind it.

The surprising advocacy popped up in a post on the Justin Bieber Twitter account shortly after the “Sorry” singer wrapped his “Purpose World Tour” show at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark where he performing for 49,000 fans on Sunday night.

“This is important. A friend showed me this,” Bieber (or someone with access to his account) wrote. “I’m going to be talking more about this. We all need to pay attention,” before including a Facebook link to a video about the subject shared by the ATTN. website.

The clip Bieber linked to reveals a series of images with accompanying text. The overriding message? “Big Pharma is literally paying to block medical marijuana.”

Viewers are shown drug companies spends millions per year on efforts to shut down medical marijuana activism because it is an alternative to — and thus undermines profits made — by the painkiller industry.

Among the claims made: that the makers of the drug Fentanyl spent $500,000 to fight marijuana legalization in Arizona. If that brand sounds familiar to you, it was cited as the drug Prince accidentally overdosed on earlier this year.

The video then lists the names of drug companies — such as Purdue Pharma, Janssen, and Reckitt Benckiser — which reportedly fund anti-marijuana activism. It’s claimed drug corporates have spent over $880 million “fighting weed over the past decade.”

It’s also noted that painkiller prescriptions decreased in 2013 in the 17 U.S. states that decriminalized marijuana and allow it to be used for medicinal purposes.

The argument is made that “pharmaceutical companies need to take responsibility for the opioid crisis.”

So, what is Justin Bieber’s interest in this? As the 22-year-old said in his tweet, a “friend” brought the Big Pharma Vs. Medicinal Marijuana battle to his attention and he will “be talking more about” it at some point.

Although it’s been documented that the Canadian previously used marijuana, it is not known whether he still does — and, if so — whether he uses it recreationally or as a pain reliever.

As per reports, Bieber previously revealed he has a chronic neck injury after a bad landing on a trampoline years ago.

Notably, Bieber revealed he has longstanding insomnia during an interview with GQ magazine earlier this year. Marijuana has a known sleep-inducing effect on users. Back in the 1970s, sleep trials determined taking THC orally helped both insomniacs and non-insomniacs to fall asleep faster.

Alternatively, the pop prince might be concerned about the Pharma-medical marijuana fight because painkiller addiction is a serious medical, cultural, and politicized issue that should concern everyone. In addition, the Biebs is a longstanding supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and may have met youngsters in the program who use medical marijuana.

Original Source: Inquisitr

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