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Yes to 64 – California Poll Shows Largest Majority Ever to Vote ‘Yes’

Yes to 64!

Californians are a step closer to recreational cannabis legalization, after the latest polls show that more than 60% of residents support Proposition 64.

The bill, which has been on the table for a number of years is now set to go through in November, if the current figures are anything to go by.

In a breakdown of the numbers, 60% of Californians announced their intention to vote ‘Yes’ to ‘Prop. 64’, while 31% intend to vote ‘No’. The undecided number is at 9%, which is fantastic news for the ‘Yes’ camp. Even if all hung voters decide on ‘No’, it will not be able to outweigh the overwhelming support for legalization.


The poll reflects the highest ever majority of support for cannabis legalization in over 50 years in the state.

California has consistently been one of the most relaxed states regarding the legalization of cannabis. In 1996, over 55% of residents voted to approve medical marijuana, making California the first state to do so. The state were also set to be the first to legalize recreationally in 2010. However, a 2010 bill narrowly failed to gather enough ‘Yes’ votes.

However, in November, all of the signs point to California joining Colorado and Oregon in permitting the regulate sale of cannabis for recreational purposes.

Seedsman will have full coverage of the voting process and outcome, when the process begins next month.

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